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Gold Commander One

Went to see Goldie after work today. He is such a gentle horse. A tribute to Michelle’s training. He stands in cross ties, no problem. He likes the wash rack & bathes. Walked him around the perimeter of the outside arena, then let him off lead. He visited the horses in the adjacent paddocks, and…

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Top 10 List of Best Things in My Life

The experience of owning an OTTB definitely makes my “Top 10 List of Best Things in My Life” and I encourage everyone to give these amazing athletes a chance to become their partner. Once you win their hearts, there are no limits.

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Red Hot to Handle is “Hotzie” to Trotzie

I wanted to give you a quick update on “Hotzie”. She is doing really well. I have had been dealing with a fungal infection in her eye for about two months. She has been an angel about the treatments though (sometimes up to three times each day). I have not been able to work her…

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Breaking the “Icy” with Mares is Tough

Another story for you…Icy is getting along fine and does well with Coin, Dudley and the Appys. I think there is a consortium of mares (led by Leslie’s big chestnut Thoroughbred) to keep him from really getting into the herd yet. I found him down in the stall (our barn has a section of wash…

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Alabama Elf – SOLD! September 2008

SOLD! Congratulations Melissa Dabestani! This was his Bargain Barn Horse FOR SALE information: Alabama Elf aka “Elf” is a 16’3 hand, 2005, bay gelding with tons of growing left to do. He has an 8% tear in his tendon. He was stopped on immediately when the tear was discovered. He will need six months off.…

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