Red Hot to Handle is “Hotzie” to Trotzie

I wanted to give you a quick update on “Hotzie”. She is doing really well. I have had been dealing with a fungal infection in her eye for about two months. She has been an angel about the treatments though (sometimes up to three times each day). I have not been able to work her much this summer because the weather has been miserable. It is either too hot, or it is raining.

“Hotzie” loves to work! Even if she has had some time off, she bounces right back to work mode (after a few HAPPY laps in the round pen). She is a gorgeous mover and I cannot wait to show her off at a dressage or hunter show. Has To Be Good’s mom, Melinda, told me last night that I am not allowed to compete against them in a Flat Hunter class. She said that “Hotzie” is such a pretty mover that the judges would not look at anyone else. I cannot stop thinking how lucky I am to have “Hotzie”.

Elizabeth’s Note: Eye infections can go bad very quickly. Our vet recommends keeping triple antibiotic eye ointment on hand at all times. At the first sign of swelling or pain in the eye, add the eye ointment and call your vet if you do not see rapid improvement. NEVER put an eye ointment with steroids in your horse’s eye without first having the vet scan the eye for scratches or abrasions. You could blind your horse. When a horse has pain in the eye, the eyelashes will drop lower to protect the eye. They normally stick almost straight out. Look at your horse’s eyelashes now and learn what is normal so that you will be able to recognize signs of pain.