Top 10 List of Best Things in My Life

Hi E.,

Thank you again for a great lesson this morning…it was the perfect way to celebrate my 2-year anniversary with Stevie Loverboy.  It seems like yesterday I showed up at Bits & Bytes to see my very first horse for the very first time…praying that even though he didn’t pass his vet check, with enough love and patience, we could have a lifelong partnership.  Well, it has certainly been worth every bit of effort and, good Lord willing, “Loverboy” and I will be together for a very long time.  He is just like the other 3 boys in my life, strong-willed and stubborn…and I wouldn’t have any other way!

The past year I have really seen the trust deepen between us.  It is truly an awesome feeling to know that such a huge, powerful, beautiful animal is so willing to give everything he has to you and only ask for love in return.  The experience of owning an OTTB definitely makes my “Top 10 List of Best Things in My Life” and I encourage everyone to give these amazing athletes a chance to become their partner.  Once you win their hearts, there are no limits.  I look forward to all the things I still have to learn from “Loverboy” and I continue to be thankful every day to you for making this journey possible for me in the first place.  It is one awesome ride and I hope it never ends!

As Always…with a very grateful heart,


Stevie Loverboy had gotten cast in his stall at the race track and he was muscle sore and could not pass the vet check. We knew his history and even though the vet could not promise he would be sound, he did not see any reason why he should not be sound – given the time to heal. Missy took a chance and did chiropractic and therapy to help Loverboy heal. He was a free Bargain Barn horse. She got the bargain of her life! Stevie Loverboy is now learning to jump and he has been on hunter paces and trail rides. We are very proud of this pair!