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Stevie Loverboy

Stevie Loverboy Celebrates Three Years Off-the-Track

Stevie Loverboy continues to be an OTTB ambassador, always surpassing people’s expectations with his calm demeanor and affectionate disposition. I can’t tell you how many times I have had folks say to me “I can’t believe he’s a thoroughbred, he’s so calm.” People never hesitate to invite us on trail rides, as they know he is so even-keeled.

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Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks – You Are Never Too Old For a Lesson

I am finally sitting down to write a long overdue update about Loverboy…I say overdue because we have been so productive and had so many great moments in the last few months that I don’t know where to begin!  Due to a run of sick kids, rain, and wicked cold weather, I actually suffered through a…

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Top 10 List of Best Things in My Life

The experience of owning an OTTB definitely makes my “Top 10 List of Best Things in My Life” and I encourage everyone to give these amazing athletes a chance to become their partner. Once you win their hearts, there are no limits.

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Happy Birthday Stevie Loverboy

Stevie Loverboy turns five today. His mom Missy Miller brought him a “carrot cake”. Stevie Loverboy’s brother I Want Revenge the favorite to win the Kentucky Derby this year. Cheer on I Want Revenge !

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