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Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks – You Are Never Too Old For a Lesson


Stevie Loverboy and Missy Miller learn new lessons together.

I am finally sitting down to write a long overdue update about Loverboy…I say overdue because we have been so productive and had so many great moments in the last few months that I don’t know where to begin!  Due to a run of sick kids, rain, and wicked cold weather, I actually suffered through a 2 week stretch without a single day in the saddle…needless to say, it was a very big “Mom Moment” when the next time I saddled up, I was able to hop right on Loverboy without even longeing him and he was amazing!

We have also started trying to do regular weekly lessons with Alice with the goal of trying to do a horse show, and not embarrass ourselves, by the end of the year.  Loverboy seems to really enjoy the work and the variety and is responding so well. . .

I might actually be the one impeding our progress at this point. . .(something about “old dogs” and such).  After an outstanding lesson with Alice this past week, I was actually able to repeat some of our success today on my own and it felt so good, I am still beaming!  With some luck and a lot of hard work we might actually get the hang of this whole “equitation” thing. . .

I continue to love every minute of my journey and am so thankful to you and Barry for providing such a wonderful environment for all of us “old dogs”.  Your wisdom and encouragement are endless…

Missy and Stevie Loverboy

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