Stevie Loverboy Celebrates Three Years Off-the-Track

stevie-loverboy_20100811_08Hi Elizabeth,

Well, Stevie Loverboy and I just celebrated our 3-year anniversary.  I can’t believe it!  It has definitely been an amazing time.

We continue to teach one another and build our partnership and trust every day.  Loverboy is still mischievous and playful, always managing to wrangle a treat from everyone who passes by his stall or wash rack.  He has developed quite a repertoire of expressions and contortions to make sure he does not go unnoticed, my favorite being when he twists his neck and reaches out sideways to block anyone who tries to get by without paying the required toll of a treat.

He continues to be an OTTB ambassador, always surpassing people’s expectations with his calm demeanor and affectionate disposition. I can’t tell you how many times I have had folks say to me “I can’t believe he’s a thoroughbred, he’s so calm.”  People never hesitate to invite us on trail rides, as they know he is so even-keeled.  We are hoping to do an off-site ride sometime soon.

We have recently connected with Erica and Barbo and have enjoyed several trail rides with them.  The boys were instantly friendly with one another, and Erica and I couldn’t help but wonder if they remembered each other from Bits and Bytes.

My friend Jennifer, who came up and rode Running Play several times last year, came to visit recently with her daughter Cora.  Loverboy and Cora instantly fell in love with one another.  He was so gently and sweet with her and allowed her to rub and hug all over him.  Jennifer said she talked about Loverboy non-stop for days!

I continue to be so grateful to you for helping me realize such an amazing dream. I hope that we continue to make you proud.

All my love,


Elizabeth’s Note: Missy and Stevie make us very proud. Stevie Loverboy is from a very successful line of race horses. Many of his brothers were favorites to win the Kentucky Derby. Stevie had a soft tissue injury from getting cast in the stall and if Missy had not opened her heart to him he may have not survived. This pair is proof that with love and time and training, off-the-track Thoroughbreds can make get family horses and competition horses.