“Loverboy” Likes Swimming with the Ladies

I just wanted to send you a quick “brag”.  I took Stevie Lover Boy on his first real trail ride around the property today with a woman and her daughter on their two mares.  He was perfect!!  He stood and watched as the girl took her horse over some x-country jumps, then we trotted across a field, went through some woods on a pretty narrow path, then we headed up a nice-sized hill.
They said they wanted to take their horses in the lake real fast to cool them down, did I mind.  I said I would like to see what he does at the lake.  The two mares trotted down a small embankment and waded right in.  Well, I guess “Loverboy” thought the water looked pretty inviting…he hesitated for all of 15 seconds before following them right in!!  It was nice and shallow with a gentle slope so he could stand comfortably in knee-deep water.  He stomped and snorted and I got the feeling very quickly that he REALLY wanted to swim.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t dressed for a swim, but we will definitely head back to the lake again very soon in better swim attire…and no cell phone!