Just got back from my 3rd—count em 3rd ride—and we are still uglyyyyyyyyyy,,,,but we ain’t as ugly as we were yesterday…lol. You know—I got out there and it all just comes back automatically—I don’t have to map out a plan—I remember how to train little—or big greenies—lol–we started working on flexing her poll a bit–giving her jaw—riding her a bit more forward–seeing where her limits are about balancing control and impulsion—she was pretty good–eventually—when I first got up after lounging she started to walk off–headed for the isleway—and when I went to turn her to ride her past it she sort of started crowhopping on the front and trying to twirl a bit—but it was not a huge effort–more for show than anything else—and just sat thru it and sent her on forward—end of discussion. She started to yeild to a bit of bending on both sides–she did a bit of leg yeilding—intentional this time– on the circle and is real sensitive about moving off of the leg aids when she is working with you and not just being hardheaded. We took her deep down into her spooky corner and she was really good—although Patrick did say he thought I was fixing to get a canter ride from the look of her—but it was all good. He said after that he was holding his breath when she started dancing and twirling around the isleway—was funny –after he said___”Dad I hope you know what you are doing, cause I can’t drive”—lol….I put some of my music on and did the whole ride singing and humming at the top of my lungs and singing while we rode—we actually worked increasing and diminishing circles—transitions without her locking her jaw–she started to reach down and I challenged her in the walk just a tad–and just eased her forward in trot–putting her reliably and truly on the track and riding centerlines and diagonals—and a few really really ugly changes thru the circle, She is going to be a challenge—she was in a mood today while we tacked up and lounged but now it is time to mix a bit more of discipline in with the softness–not hard case—but to start using the hook we have in each other to be a pair…we are starting to get it done—I got me a riding horse Elizabeth—we be ugly—but we are a pair and happy as heck…we are going to do just fine. I will try to get a video I can actually stand to send as soon as possible—I really want you to see her—but there is just a limit as to how much ugly I am going to document for the world to see…lol—I can be such a girl like that. Just want you to know tho—she is well—we are happy—and we are making it work. Later—Chuck