Happy One Year Anniversary – “Kwinn” Winns!

Time flies by quickly and well, so has my first year with Kwinn! Just the other day I was reflecting on the sequence of events that led to my writing you a letter and well, within a few months, Kwinn was part of our family.

Dr Kenny Winn formerly known around the track as Dr Canhewin

Dr Kenny Winn formerly known around the track as Dr Canhewin

Gosh, I still remember seeing his Prospect Horse page on your website and thinking he was just so gorgeous. And, I can remember how lucky I felt when Adam understood what having another horse in my life would mean to me. I must admit, I wasn’t sure at first what I was getting into, but, once I laid eyes on Kwinn, one thing was certain – I was in love with him!

I took it slowly with Kwinn. The first weeks were spent in grooming sessions and getting to know him. Kwinn had quite a bit to learn in the early days together – cross-ties, wash stall, ground manners (not good to walk on or bite the carrot lady) and that carrots were just as good as peppermints. Kwinn learned to love turnout and just being a horse. He learned that I was his person and could be counted on to give love, affection (did I mention carrots) and discipline (when needed).

We’ve been taking saddle work slowly and haven’t always been able to get riding sessions in. But, when that hasn’t been possible, we’ve done lunge work. Kwinn doesn’t always like to lunge and will still try to see whether he can get out of work. He’s smart and learns quickly. He’s sensible, kind, sweet and easy to work around. Even when he does test, or is feeling frisky, I feel confident with him. Our bond is very strong.

Case in point, when he recently arrived at his new home in North Carolina, I met him late that night when the transport arrived. He’d had a tough time, as he doesn’t like to travel. As soon as he heard my voice, he calmed right down. The owners of the barn commented on how quickly he calmed down in the stall with me there. I stood in the stall with him talking to him and stroking his head, neck and chest while he munched on his hay.

And, he’s so gentle with my two boys. Noah and Josh call him Kwinny and love to feed him carrots (have I mentioned that Kwinn LOVES carrots). He’s very patient and is instinctively gentle with them. It’s heartwarming to watch them together. As much as I would love for them to ride, I follow their lead in terms of how much and what type of contact they want. Right now, they are learning proper horse sense and barn etiquette.

It’s been a great year and I’m looking forward to another wonderful year with Kwinn. I hope that Kwinn’s previous owner is keeping tabs on him through my updates. It’s very important to me that she know Kwinn is well cared and loved. And my sincere gratitude to you for all that you do and for always being there to support the horses and their owners.

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Dr Kenny Winn (former track name, Dr Canhewin) was a Prospect Horse purchased in 2007 by the Berman family. To view their past success stories, please click here.