Hollywood Vic’s Academy Award

hollywood-vice-20100524_01Elizabeth ,

I wanted to send a brief update on Hollywood Vic and with some photos my friend took of us.  A few weeks ago we signed up for a cross country clinic in the amoeba class of course!   Hollywood was very excited that morning. . . it was such a new experience for both of us! We plowed on through his excitement, he settled down and  was a real trooper as usual.  I hope we can do more of the X-C because we had a blast. . . but we will definitely stick with the “small jumps”!

We have lots of trails where we board so we get in lots of trail time which we both love. Hollywood has a huge pasture and every morning he gives his pasture mates a workout by running them around! They have a great time. . . he still acts like a “knucklehead”!  Forever the athlete!hollywood-vice-20100524_02

I wanted to thank you so  much for helping me find my boy it has been two years and  when I look at him I still can not believe he is all mine!   What did I do before I had him? I can not imagine him not in my life.

I wanted you to know  that  your articles on your website about training Reign Day sure helped me. . .we are always a work in progress.  All those reminders really help!

hollywood-vice-20100524_03One more interesting tidbit: I saw an article on Old Friends Equines’ website back in the winter on Academy Award.  I was so excited to see Hollywood’s Sire that I emailed Old Friends to tell them that I had Academy’s son and I sent them a photo of  Hollywood. They were so nice and seemed excited, too and  invited me to come up and meet Academy Award any time. I hope to do so this summer! They even emailed me a couple  of photos of Hollywood’s Daddy!   Scroll about mid way down the page via this link and see the write up on Academy Award.  So neat!

Thanks so much. . . we sure miss all out Bits and Bytes friends and hope everyone is doing well. Tell Bubba (Lynn’s Vision) that Hollywood says Hi!

Cheri Jackson