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Hollywood Vic

Back In the Saddle!

Hollywood Vic is very happy to have his Mom back on his back after a brief hiatus! Hollywood received a new bridle for Easter! He patiently modeled it for Mom to take photos! I think the modeling session almost put him to sleep!

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Hollywood Vic Is In Hiding

After a few seconds, I hear the thunder of hooves behind me, I turn and there is my Hollywood galloping up towards me in the pasture behind me. I said, “THERE YOU ARE!” He looked at me, spun around and ran back up to the door of the barn (that leads to the pasture he was in ) and waited for me! Now how smart is that? He saw me walk by and came to tell me to come and get him! That just made my day, no my week, no my month!

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I Get By With a Little Help From My “Friends”

I would like to write this update to thank Missy Miller for assisting me with Hollywood Vic while I have unable to ride. Yesterday she gave Hollywood a great workout, lunging him as well as riding him. I am proud to say that he was a wonderful. He was very well behaved for her after not having anyone on his back for almost a month!

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Happy Birthday Thoroughbreds!

My last Hollywood Vic update included Halloween photos, so I know it has been too long! Here we are in January, one month away from a very special anniversary for my Hollywood Vic and year on February 10th. He is bigger, stronger, sweeter (if that is possible) and into his 5th year of life!…

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