I Get By With a Little Help From My “Friends”

Hollywood Vic and Missy Miller. Click on the image to see more photos.

I would like to write this update to thank Missy Miller for assisting me with Hollywood Vic while I have unable to ride. Yesterday she gave Hollywood a great workout, lunging him as well as riding him. I am proud to say that he was a wonderful. He was very well behaved for her after not having anyone on his back for almost a month!

Missy even helped me groom him. What a great friend to take time away from her horse and her life to help us! Horse friends are the best! I am so happy to have such a great horse and to have met some very special people at Bits & Bytes Farm!

I am excited to say I am beginning to feel like a human again and am looking forward to riding my boy very soon! I can not wait to be back in the saddle again enjoying all my friends, my horse and the beautiful Georgia Spring weather!

I am attaching photo of Missy and Hollywood!