Hollywood Vic and Cheri’s First Canter is Thrilling!

Hollywood Vic and Cheri break into their first canter together

Hollywood Vic and Cheri break into their first canter together. Click on their photo to see more images from this thrilling accomplishment.

Sunday has gone down as one of the best days of my life! This was the first day I cantered on my beautiful OTTB, Hollywood Vic! Last week I wrote that I have been working on balance. The work has finally paid off with Hollywood and Elizabeth’s’ patience, we cantered today for the very first time! What a thrill!

At first Elizabeth put us on the lunge line, I knew Hollywood would be fine, but could this “ole lady” stay in her seat? That was the question of the day! Elizabeth decided to put electrical tape on the bottom portion of my sunglasses so that I would not look down…great idea. I had no choice but to keep my head up! It worked! We cantered on the line and everyone was cheering!

Later in the lesson while Elizabeth was working with some of the other ladies, I just HAD to try a solo trip around the ring! We made it!

A friend asked me recently if I was glad I purchased a horse. I told her that buying an OTTB was the best thing I have ever done for myself…EVER! I began riding when I was nine years old and before that, I used to pray every day for a pony. I am fifty something now and it was totally worth the wait!

I am dreaming of trails and cross-country rides now! Thanks Elizabeth and Barry!