Dixon's Chief at home with new mom, Amy

Dixon's Chief at home in Georgia with mom, Amy















Dixons Chief arrived about 10pm last night. He is a cutie! His pictures did not due him justice!

Where I have my boys at there is a very narrow one-lane road that leads to the barn, so I had the shipper park on the side of the road and we walked him down the road to the barn. He was such a good boy! It was dark and hard to see where we were going…. I thought I had a flashlight with me put I did not. Donna is the shipper that brought Dixons Chief down for me she was awesome! She gave me a really sweet deal and even put him in a box stall, I would definitely highly recommend her to anyone.

I started Chief on some U7 this morning. He drinks a LOT of water. He ate all his hay but was not to interested in his grain he ate a little but was to interested in looking around to see what was going on.

I turned him out in a small pasture this morning. He was so happy to be able to stretch him legs, he ran and played for a while and then rolled in the grass. He was so happy to be out.

Elizabeth’s Note: Dixon’s Chief was never listed on the Bits & Bytes Web site. Amy had already purchased Avrispecial and had asked me to locate another horse on her behalf. I sent Chief’s information to her and she bought him immediately. Many buyers have purchased several Thoroughbreds through our efforts – the record is six and Amy is well on her way to break that amount!