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No Bouncing on the Trail Ride

Bounced did well on a 9/25 trail ride in the Flint Creek area of eastern Oklahoma, hopefully the first of a few warm-ups for the Hunter Pace in November. He has been working nicely in open pasture at home, but this was his first off-campus experience since coming to Oklahoma. He went willingly, straight in…

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Learning Lessons

Hi, guys, I had another good ride on Bounced this weekend—despite the howling wind, storm front coming in, raindrops, horses being ferried in from pastures to the safety of the barn, etc. I still am hoping he will beef up some over the summer, but he’s healthy and content, so that’s the most important thing.…

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Bounced is OK in OK

Just wanted to let you know all is well. He’s put on a little weight, is very shiny, and bright-eyed. I really enjoyed the lesson. We worked on some lungeing and then walk-trot-canter circles and bending. Bounced warmed up after a while and showed off his potential. I really think he will be a wonderful…

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