Learning Lessons

bounced20100211_02Hi, guys,

I had another good ride on Bounced this weekend—despite the howling wind, storm front coming in, raindrops, horses being ferried in from pastures to the safety of the barn, etc. I still am hoping he will beef up some over the summer, but he’s healthy and content, so that’s the most important thing. I will start doing some jumping with him this weekend, I think, and start some regular lessons. I think he’s doing great, especially considering his adolescence and the changes in rider and environment. We’re getting along great, and it’s gone well because you have really trained him to be ridden the way I ride. I think he will develop into a very confident, mature companion. He’s become more respectful of my space, and he’s perfect with my lunge technique, which is a little different from yours. He’s smart, and he’s being handled very consistently, so he is picking up his new routine and expectations quickly. He stands perfectly when I mount (a pet peeve—he was already good, but he’s getting even better), and is responding to my verbal and non-verbal cues much better. It’s just a case of getting to know me, and he’s really done great with all that so far, in a short amount of time. Anyway, all continues to be well.

I hope you guys are OK as well. I’m sending you fantastic weather this week. I’m sure you’re having a beautiful spring, full of that lovely green pollen!

Take care,