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Wise Young Sage

Wise Young Sage is AWESOME!

Wise Young Sage is AWESOME! Everywhere I go I feel like I’m with a celebrity. People literally stare at him with their jaws dropped all oohing and gooing over his beautiful floating trot & rocking horse canter. He has amazing potential to be competitive at the highest levels in eventing.

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“Sage” is (at) Home on the Range

Home…Home on the range (in Texas)…..Sage is now finally here with me and he has a new best friend Tiger. Both of them are 4 year-old OTTBs and they are both beautiful fiery red chestnuts. You would think they are long lost brothers, because they are inseparable. They don’t leave each others side….even though they are turned out with three other horses. If you take one of them away from the other they whinny at each other it’s hilarious.

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