Wise Young Sage is AWESOME!

Hi Elizabeth,

I wanted to give you an update on Wise Young Sage. He is AWESOME! Everywhere I go I feel like I’m with a celebrity. People literally stare at him with their jaws dropped all oohing and gooing over his beautiful floating trot & rocking horse canter. He has amazing potential to be competitive at the highest levels in eventing.

Wise Young Sage - May 2010

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I have had several people asking me if I want to sell him and I said HELL no! Sage has had some trouble with his feet so he has had the month of April off, he has no heel so I don’t know If that will ever grow out. He had a bad shoeing which didn’t help. He will be fine just some bruised heels.

I just started him back last week, we have had three lessons with a new trainer, Mary D’Arcy O’Connell. For more than 20 years she has coached riders for the Irish Olympic Eventing Team, such competitions as the Atlanta, Sydney and Athens Olympics, World and European Championships, and major horse trials all over the world. Mary is in love with Sage she said, “This is a horse you take home, and if I had seen him before you did I would have bought him.
“First lesson I had with her last week, she said “where did you get that horse, he’s wonderful”. We have been jumping him over small courses, and he is so smart he knows what his job is. I love it when we finish a line and he starts doing little hoppy bucks, not naughty bucks, but he is cocky and gets very proud of himself….he knows he’s a good horse. I love him and can’t wait for another one!
I entered him in the Phillip Dutton clinic at the end of June and I can’t wait to hear what he has to say about my Sage. He is the best horse I have had and can’t wait to take him to florida next spring. He is going to start competing in recognized competitions this summer. I will send some pics of him & video from the clinic later. Here are some pics of him turned put. Again, thank you for such an amazing horse. I can’t wait to buy my next one from you.

MiMi & Sage

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