Hunter, Jumper? OTTB Does Dressage!

Dear Elizabeth,

Tux (Bato Loco)and I are meeting our latest challenge.  Robert O. Mayer has started training a few of us at our stable in classical dressage.  Tux and I are at quite a disadvantage, since neither one of us knows what we are doing.  I’m a hunter/jumper girl!  We are starting slow.   We made a little tiny bit of progress this weekend, and it feels wonderful.  It is obvious this will be quite a project.  Wish us luck!


Classical dressage is the basis for all riding disciplines. It is all about learning to communicate with your horse so that there is a harmony and balance. I like to call it, “Meditation in Motion”. Jumping should be just dressage over fences rather than the yanking and pulling that you see from so many jumper riders. If the horse is balanced and listening to the rider, you will be able to adjust to the stride of a combination by adjusting your body’s position. Whether you are a Western reiner, hunter/jumper or pleasure rider – learning the basics of classical dressage will make you a better rider and your horse a lot happier. – Elizabeth