If Wishes Were Horses, Then Beggars Would Ride

Great Game at her breeders farm in July 2011

Great Game at her breeder’s farm. She was soon to be on her way to Maine to join Muchu and the Dixon family.

Hope this note is finding everyone well. Has been a while since I wrote so thought would just let you know that Sush and the rest of the family haven’t fallen off the planet. I know you must be busy with your crop of horses you have trying to match up…what I wouldn’t give for just a tad more money–lol.
The one major problem with Sush since she has arrived is that while it is true I am training her for my son—and he rides her so well when both of them are on–I end up wishing for my own that I don’t have to share—lol. And Sush is such a diva, she just works really well for me and lays her head on my shoulder and rubs and is just a heart breaker….lol…then she turns around and does the same thing with Patrick! I am completely unsure if even getting another horse would solve the problem as there would be a knock down drag out for our baby girl here..lol. And she sooooo plays both sides… But—she is continuing to amaze. I do have to admit the honeymoon is over tho—she is finally comfortable in her home and surroundings–not really having to kill herself to make a living–everyone just ohhing and ahhing over how beautiful and smart she is—as she believes her own press. Soooo—-now she no longer runs up to greet us at the gate—instead she hangs out with her little girlfriend in the back of the pasture in thier “horsey mall” gossiping and tries to look like “who me?” whenever we come to get her.
She has her days when she just doesn’t want to work—and she is such a teenager about how she does it too—is exactly like dealing with Patrick and his school work—only she is a lot more honest about giving in….wish she would rub off on him. She finally got around to deciding she didn’t want to bend thru her neck and go forward all at the same time….we had to discuss it….and she loves working 3rd gear….just loves to stretch out and go fast—ongoing discussion…she rarely spooks but when she does she is so dramatic about it it takes about 10 min for the heart rate to settle down again—lol–mine not hers—the she just looks around so innocent like—“what on earth was THAT?–did you see THAT?”—would love to have a discussion on that but am afraid when she is more of a young lady and not a mall queen that will settle down…lol. Of course there was the grooming issue….she definitely does not like to have her tail groomed–lol—and she just kept stamping and flipping her back foot (completely show)-it was funny really—she would stamp—and I would swat her with the brush and just keep brushing—and she would do it again–and so would it–the lady that runs the barn said it looked like two old people just having a routine argument sitting in rockers on a porch about the weather–like breathing—neither one of us really even looked up or looked anything but bored—lol—finally after about 4 or five times she stopped—and I finished brushing—she has never done it again. She argues with me every day we train now….just mostly awwwww do I have a kind of thing or this is hard—why don’t you just let me put my head up and it would feel so much better—or whatever—and honestly—I finish riding that girl and I feel just like have been out running and chatting about just anything with a friend—time just passes and the world stops. She always comes around tho—-always gives me her best and her all—even if she is a total teenager about how she does it…lol.
I’ll close—cause am sure by now you and I both know I could just keep rambling about her…but honestly Elizabeth–-I sure wish I had had a clue just how good thoroughbreds are to work with years ago…..I do soooo enjoy it—they really are a horse all thier own just as much as any Arab… One of these days I may get lucky with lotto or something in which case I would need to to find me one of my very own…lol. Thanks again for all of the pleasure and wholeness you introduced back into the family thru Sush—prayers and best hoping you find homes for all those other “Sush’s” you are working for right now….and ps—-how is my girl Great Game looking?—any chances for her to find someone yet?—I sure hope so…..Talk to you later…. take care—Chuck
Elizabeth’s Note: I received this update while standing at Great Game’s breeder’s farm. She had just offered to give me the mare if I could find her a good home. I called Chuck on the way home and told him about the breeder’s offer. Great Game would soon be on her way to Maine to join Muchu and the Dixon family.
Sometimes there is divine intervention . . .This was truly was a match made in heaven.