Is That You Joe Bear?

Is that you Joe Bear? Tucks St. Aly is missing his long earred friend Joe Bear. Click on this image to see more photos of Aly's arrival in Texas.

Tucks St. Aly has made it home to Texas and his new mom Alex Kemper!

Dearest Elizabeth and Barry,

Well I’ve gotten a few pics here, I know there aren’t any of him in the stall or anything yet, but those will come soon. I was mostly just trying to get these ones uploaded so y’all could get an idea of what was going on. I was quite worried because of his sweating at first, but he’s rolled three times now and drunk good long drinks of water many times and he has gone from a scared to death trot up and down the fence line, to an alert trot, and now he’s slowed down and is moseying in the middle and his walk has a freeness to it that tells me he isn’t 100% keyed up for wondering if something is going to jump out from any direction and bite him. I know he will have many things to get accustomed to and that I’l have to help through many fears that he will need to conquer, but he did the exact same for me in Georgia, when I rode after not having ridden in three and half years, its the very least I can do to let him know that nothing will hurt him; he is finally in his forever home, and he will know it soon.

Alex's brother held onto Aly when he first unloaded.

I had to get the pic in with my brother holding him; since I had to hold the other horse while the shipper got Aly off the trailer, my brother held Aly, and even though Aly was scared after he started walking around, I was so proud of him because he was a perfect gentelman for my brother who has hardly ever been around horses and doesn’t know a lot about them.

He has made a great first impression from what I can tell, and you know that his impression and the love I have for him was already deeply planted in my heart. I’ll get more pics of him tonight I’m sure and will call soon.

Aly and I are sending love to our B&B mom and dad,
The A-team ( re-united)

Tucks St. Aly takes a big drink.

P.S before I took the time to attach the photos I hopped up to look out the front house window and make sure the big guy was ok; his head was down and he was taking a very long drink from his trough. Good sign. (Yes, I have him in that pasture for the purpose of keeping an eye on him almost 100% of the time I’m awake, right from the window).