Leader Board’s Racing Videos Sought by New Mom

Leader Board is doing great and our trainer couldn’t be more impressed with him. He is really a sweet, laid back boy. Which brings me to the question. I think you mentioned that there is a website that has videos you can purchase of his old races. We have recently become very curious how Leader even raced because he seems so uninterested in moving fast anywhere (unless there is food involved). We would love to see him race. Thank you for your help and for Leader.


Elizabeth’s Note: Search using the Find box at the top of the page for “Win Photos!”. That post contains information on tracking down Win Photos and Videos of your horse at the track.

The Jockey Club Web site has the detailed race records for eight dollars. When you pull this report you can watch each race for thirty five cents if there is a video camera icon showing next to the race. You cannot save these though. You can watch them for 48 hours without additional charge. Use these race records to see where your horse ran and won (Leader Board won his very first race!) and then contact the race track to order Win Photos or videos. Just tell them the date and race number — which you will have from the Jockey Club detailed race record report (Report 9 or 9C). You can also get a FREE Pedigree Report that includes the date of foaling.

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