Little Silic and the Alpha Mare


Little Silic and Barbara Batista make a great pair.

Hi Elizabeth,

There are no words to thank you enough for coming for a visit to see Little Silic and I. We enjoyed your stay sooooo much.

As you know I was having training issues with him, all due to the fact that I became his friend first and not his leader.

I cannot begin to tell you what a difference you have made in the both of us in such a short period of time. I no longer have an issue with him planting his feet and not moving to go back in his stall, and you would be proud of me, I have not offered him a treat as a bargaining tool, he remembered your teaching — go in the stall or move your feet ! I have reinforced this the day after you left by doing exactly what you showed me! I think he’s in state of shock because ‘MOM’ went from giving him treats to pinning my ears when I ask him to do something.

I also lunged him yesterday with the wind wisking up his butt he was quiet as a mouse. He definitely responds better to the alpha leadership vs. the “mommy” mode. He gets rewarded only after he has accomplished the task he asked to do. My husband, Phil was amazed with your ability to transform us both into a much better relationship in such a short time.

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Elizabeth, you are a very humble horsewoman, and clearly have been given a gift, you are truly a wealth of knowledge and pride yourself in giving all the credit to the special horses that have taught you many things over the years. As Doc always says, “it”s the horse that tells us the truth about their handlers”. Few people truly understand them as well as you, not too mention they are “Thoroughbreds” !

I never realized how heavy a feeling it was until you came and helped me with Silic, he’s not a bad horse by any means. I made the mistake of not starting the line of communication from the start, and thank goodness he is a forgiving horse.


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I enjoyed your lessons so much, I went from a position of sitting in a chair with my arms swinging to a poised and proud owner of a beautiful mover who now finally understands the signals because you made me realize how unclear I was in my riding. My trainer could not believe how in one week I changed and so did my horse. You are a tough cookie yet very loving, patient and kind. I feel so blessed to have met you and be a part of the BBF world! I have been practicing my rein exercises you showed me with Doc’s tubing on the chair in my dining room! I wish you were here!

I really hope you post this on the site and the people reading it seriously consider a few days of training with you. I was able to accomplish more with you in just a few days than I have since I have owned him, respectively I have a good trainer, but you truly understand the breed. I feel like I have my own personal encyclopedia! Even the most experienced person can always learn something. I am looking forward to another training session with you!

Thank you so much Elizabeth, for all your help. I can’t wait to send you the updates on Silic’s progress. Thanks to your visit we are headed off into a whole new world! I absolutely love this horse ! As always I will keep you in my prayers. I think anyone considering trading in or parting with their horse should have a training session with you first, it will change their life. You certainly changed ours.


NOTE from Elizabeth: I am very proud of Barbara and Little Silic. They started out fine but got sidetracked when Barbara had a serious illness. She turned to Silic for support and he saw it as weakness. He took over and became the herd leader because that is what HORSES do to survive in the wild. Barbara is a strong woman and a good horseman she just needed to get her confidence back and tell him that she was back in charge. Horses don’t care where they fall in the herd but they do need a leader. If you do not provide the strength and leadership – they will. We can all have our confidence shaken if we have a fall or surround ourselves with naysayers who question our purchase of an ex-race horse. Anyone that can ride, can ride a Thoroughbred off-the-track as long as they have a support system to keep the training on-track. Take charge and be a leader! Thoroughbreds empower women to “be all they can be”.  – Elizabeth