Lounging Around

Carrie, Patrick and Chuck Dixon with MuchuThe girl is working nicely, she is still loungeing…lots of energy to it and not a lot of style–but willing–listens up pretty well to voice command…esp since has been 6 years since she retired…. I put a saddle on her along with the bridle and surcingle today to work—she really paid attn to that…she jazzed right up once it was on—but is quiet in crossties and was trimmed up today and did well with that—blacksmith made a special trip down to do her for me as it is going to be quite a while till Shu is due again. She takes the cavaletti’s without even blinking—I decided to back her today—Patrick thought I was kidding—big surprise—wasn’t—lol. She was edgy around the stairs we used…and worked her with Patrick walking up and down them….patting her…leaning on her….etc….she handled ok….then I got our mounting block and had Patrick stand next to her on it—totally quiet—so then boosted him up and let him lay quiet on the saddle…she just stood nice and quiet…and that’s where I left it with her. I think she is handling pretty well for 1 week—coming in–adjusting–loungeing–being backed—and has been retired to having babies for 6 yrs….I can’t complain. We went to worm her with a paste today…..she did what is getting to be her patented “I belong to him” thing—I am letting Patrick share a lot of the handling as she handles so much differently than Shu has and I want him to get the experience…but all she did was see the syringe in his hand and her head was in the rafters—he couldn’t even reach it and was in no way putting it down….lol….all I did was walk in and she put her head down and tucked it under my arm like some big dog….as long as I held her head she just stayed right there and let him give it. It is funny—even Patrick-who only gives grudging concessions–lol–just grunts and grimaces when he says—“well what do you expect—she likes you better—she definitely has a mental deficit!” While Patrick was riding Shu today Game came over and hung out by the board fence with me while I was directing—lol—I just scratched her—fed some carrots and we watched them work—lol—it was like having company and popcorn while we watched. She is getting me a horse whisperer name here—lol—as she handles and does things for me she won’t even begin to do for others…looks for me when I am around and follows me in the pasture…lol….and the funniest thing is….I never even have as good a handle on what she will and won’t do as I did with Shu….we just like each other and like hanging out together…but boy is it a nice feeling. I still have to pinch myself seeing her here in my stall after watching her for soooo long on your web site…and now she is actually here in the flesh…..it is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cool…can’t stop grinning. She is a phenomenal girl….as much as horses have always been my anchor in my life….she is my anchor in horses…..just her and me. Shu is the superstar of the barn….Patrick is starting to ride her almost exclusively now with me putting in some training rides to work on leg yeilding and shoulder in stuff—things like that he isn’t up to yet—but when he is up she is working very very well for him….she will occasionally fuss up a bit and he figures out what she is saying to him about his hands being a bit stiff or whatever—he fixes it—she settles and they are right back at it….he is learning how to talk to her and have a conversation while they ride thru the reins and his seat…most important–he is learning to hear her…..I am incredibly proud of how the two of them are coming on….they both have the mischievous attitude—both love to argue—both are big hearted—they are super well matched….I miss riding her as much as I was….she is such a treat to play with and talk to….but it is right for them…..I can’t wait until I can get my own girl spun up…..I think she is going to go quick….just a hunch—but she seems to want to work….I still am going to take it at her own speed….just looking forward to it. Anyway—don’t really have anything much to say—just spend a lot of time rambling about my fav subject…my girls and Patrick. Speaking of which!….almost forgot!…guess who is going out this week to get up on Shu????....yup—Carrie isn’t going to be left behind and she announced yesterday she wants up this week….lol—that is going to make her year. I will get a pic or two and send it on when she does…..now THAT is going to be a family photo! Anyway…best to all Elizabeth…hope all is going half as well there as is here….Becky sent me a nice note when Game came up—I really appreciated it—you all are just real nice people…we appreciate the friendship….later—Chuck