Love at First Meeting!

Alex  meets

I don’t think words can describe what happens when you feel the soft muzzle of an Aly BaYboy for the first time . . .

First of all, just wanted to thank you guys for the amazing day y’all have helped give me. Seriously, I cannot think of a better day so far in my life. I wanted to shout, laugh, cry, and just burst with joy as I came in the drive today and saw MY horse ….I didn’t even quite realize who was over in that pasture, until Barry said “now Aly….stays over in this pasture” and I just about exploded in a scream, I don’t think words can describe what happens when you feel the soft muzzle of an Aly BaYboy for the first time, I felt so quiet when I first touched him, I think its because such feelings, just can’t be expressed, that’s all there is to it. I felt that I had lived a miracle being here with him. Not just because my lifetime dream of having my own horse had finally been fulfilled, but because it has been fulfilled after the past four years of my life…I hope I never take a moment of Aly or the love I have with him and y’all for granted for even one second now.

Today has, in fact been a lot like the past four years of my life, the beginning was really tough, getting on the plane, going the length of the Atlanta airport…the train ride etc…only some very dear people that have stood with me through them would realize how much the past three years have been like that for me, constantly struggling and not having enough strength…well just cutting the un-pleasant story short, having gone from constant headaches, and staying in bed 98% of the time to having flown to a place of not only southern generosity and welcoming, but feeling, petting, feeding, free lunging!

My own horse! I think anyone can see the improvement there. Don’t think I can ask for much more! But if more can come, I can see it coming in this week ahead. It’s practically heaven – beautiful country, horses. And not just horses , but my horse right out the door, sweeeet dogs keeping me company all the time, and great hosts! I think I can save more for later, thinking about taking  up that offer for a daily update while I’m here. I know I’ll be yearning to sing Aly’s praises more soon. Soooo, till very soon.

Thanks from an incredibly happy girl’s heart and her tall dark and handsome boy for bringing us together.

Alex & Aly

I think all the minutes since I’ve been with him have been successes, but for the first official one…as I free lunged him, I was incredibly impressed, he is so sensitive to your every move, and I know why you said he always wanted to please, he wants to be with you, coming in to you, but then you can tell he puts all his heart into his movement, no matter what pace it is. He’s gonna tear it all up, I can feel it. I cant wait for my Mom and Dad to meet him, they’ll know he’s been worth all the hard work and struggle that I couldn’t have gotten through without them. – “The A Pair”

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