Lovely Weather – Lovely Thoroughbreds!


Off-the-track Thoroughbred, Chilletecaux and his owner/trainer Jane Chance

Wow, this weather is so wonderful! The boyz (Chilletecaux and Dakota Spirit) have been doing so well. Nancy (the older Ms. Lane) came out to watch both horses go which is great for me given she is such a good ground person. She reminded me not to let Chille get me leading with my body, to keep open to help him stay slower. So easy without someone on the ground and she has such a good eye.

Also on the other hand to try not to help Dakota and let him find his feet. So funny to ride the ‘day dreamer’ to the jumps and feel the surprise when his mind has wondered. Nancy could tell Slim where to place poles as we went – THANKS Slim!

Started little verticles this week and the tiny outside line. So easy for both horses. Went for a short trail ride thru the woods behind the barn – first time it’s been dry enough lately. Can’t wait for my truck to get here… we have plans!

Talk to you soon,