Maverick on the Move!

Light Artillery is an ex-race horse gotten off-the-track by Bits & Bytes Farm. Click on this image to see his photo gallery.

Helloooo All!

Long time, no update, but boy o boy has there been a lot happening.

For starts, moved back to GA/FL In the last few months – Light Artillery aka “Maverick” has done SO MUCH! From camping, to tracking cows and day long trail rides, but I think his favorite has been being the biggest baby of the family. Everyone just falls in Love with the boy. I’m sending pictures of some of his family. Of course Reba is his blonde babe.

Light Artillery is now named "Maverick" and he has a girl friend.

In these first pictures he let little Amanda (I’m big Amanda) ride him and sit on him and rub all over and be completely under hoof to him. Mavericks always been quiet the chow lover, between my Grandparents, mom, brothers, Jared, Brittany that came to visit from Texas, aunts, other extended family, and cousins his had his fair share of carrots….I know he’s more orange from them!

"Maverick" and his girlfriend Little Amanda. Off-the-track Thoroughbreds make great family horses as they love people!

He’s settling back down accepting that everything is normal again. He can be so sensitive. For example if I lay the brush down on the ground while he’s eating he’ll have to sniif and investigate it before going back about his business. But he’s much more mellow and much less moody. Maverick is absolutely hilarious, no recent porch or truck adventures for the big boy but he’s such a clown. I know he’ll do things just because he knows I am watching.

His ground manners and patience are all improving. He’s been taught to be hobbled. I only did this because he was getting to be such a handful camping and on big trail rides, I feared for his safety and didn’t trust him not to jump to get with the herds. He struggled some, but quickly learned to calm himself. The Sunday afternoon following the Saturday that he was first hobbled it actually paid off in an unexpected way. Well Mom here, decided he should walk through the ditch with the slowly flowing water. Well he goes just as asked of him, and just at the ditches edge he sinks! Deep! There was mud lines all the way to his belly! It looked almost dry barley soggy. Boy was I wrong. I misled him.

Let me tell you what Ole’ Mav did. He took a deep breath, stood for a moment, then he slowly pulled on leg at a time out from the suctioned muck. And easily moved little by little until he was free. He did not freak out by the embankment he worked out of the mess! I was so proud!

We’ve had all sorts of fun. And actually in the morning are loading up to go camp for 3 days at Marrianna Caverns State Park! I think he’s excited. He was following me back and fourth from the barn to the trailer. (making sure his saddle and feed were packed :} )

Yesterday Jared and I finally became proud new owners of our OWN trailer. The Kirklands have generously loaned me one the whole time I was home, but now we’ve got our own. Just in time to make the move back to San Antonio, Texas next Friday. Actually our new place will be just outside of San Antonio in a place called Natalia. Maverick and Reba will have just over a 5 acre pasture all to themselves planted in thick coastal grass. We have a couple mile long dirt drive too. There’s also a perfect 2 stall barn and small paddock. We are buying the place based on our horses…can ya tell? ha ha. They’re the babies!

On our way we found the perfect stopping point for overnight to break the trip up for the horses. It’s exactly half way to the mile! It seems to be a nice horse/human hotel in Louisiana. For anyone else doing big travels there’s more places than you’d expect to find for overnight stays with horses and the prices are reasonable. The first week and a half Maverick will be boarded until the house is finished closing, but then it’s all fun and games. I can not wait to go to local clinics and get in with the locals. There are horses EVERYWHERE out in our area. Yeah! The horses just had their last farrier visit here to get ready and the vet will be out early next week.

Maverick loves his mom Amanda.

Well there’s got to be sooo much more, but it’s not coming to me know, just wanted to let y’all know Mavericks still stealing hearts. I’ll take the time between packing and cleaning up to send a few more picts. Hope all is well. We’ll definately keep updates coming ALL THE WAY from TEXAS!
-Amanda, Maverick, and the rest of the Family.

We now have several Bits & Bytes Farm horses living in Texas. Read Tucks St. AlyBetter Be There and Cold Cash’s Success Stories as well. Light Artillery aka “Maverick” aka “Arty” has several years of Success Stories. They begin in 2005 on the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site. There is even a second page of  Light Artillery Success Stories from 2007.