Midtown Manhattan – Growing in Size and Confidence

Just wanted to give you an update on Mattie. She is doing great and she’s grown two inches already. When she first came to us she was 15.1 and now she’s 15.3! I love her so much, although she’s only three and a half now, her favorite thing to do is go on trail rides. I still after three months have not found anything that she is scared of. Mattie goes out in the paddock next to our little mini named Clover and they have become the best of friends. I took her to a horse show in July and she was great, we just hacked all around the WEF show grounds, and she loved being in a new place. I’m so glad I got her! Being that Mattie is so good two other people at my barn have since gotten OTTBs. It seems to be a new trend!!!

Elizabeth’s Training Note: Midtown Manhattan is just three. Thoroughbreds grow until they are six! They get wider and more filled out at about five and a half. Some Thoroughbreds mature early and some later.