Mr. Mully Trains Exceptionally Well at Recent Clinic

Mr Mully was a Prospect Horse FOR SALE who moved to Utah where he lives with his mom, Kristin

Recently Mully and I attended an Eric Smiley three-day clinic. We prepared well for the clinic and I was really excited to ride with Eric once again. He comes every year and if we’re lucky he comes twice. This was only Mully’s second clinic and having a really rough road to recovery from complicated splint bone surgeries, I was so excited to have Mully back in work and staying dead sound. We are going on month eight now with no lameness!

Mully is stubborn at times and sometimes I feel his heart isn’t in what I want it to be in. Our training has mostly been on my own, It has been hard at times trying to communicate correctly to my horse (thank goodness he is forgiving). I was very excited to further my education in the clinic with someone I really respect.

The first day was a dressage day and we are of course in lower levels. My class included good friends and very talented horses. I couldn’t believe my horse, I wasn’t there to impress anyone what so ever. Remarks were made that Mully had not been in training and he would potentially hold up my class. I didn’t care I believe in Mully – that he would benefit from the clinic and we would progress.

On the flat he was gorgeous and he was well rounded and he had a soft-top line and flowed. Eric even used us for an example. I was giddy after the first day I couldn’t stop smiling. I knew he wouldn’t let me down.

The next two days were jumping and this is where we really hit heads. I was a bit nervous only because I don’t always truly trust Mully and Mully doesn’t always love to jump. In the two days there were bending lines, in and outs, corners, skinnies, oxers, verticals you name it. Mully, not once did he look at the fences! He took me to the fences! His head was in the game and it was FUN! He never jumped like that the whole time I have owned him.

His talent really started to show and I knew it was there, just didn’t know how to bring it out. We do have to work on our canter, opening him up a bit. Over the entire clinic was awesome and I’m very excited to take him to the local shows this summer. Eric is coming back for another clinic and this time he is schooling us over cross-country fences.

Mully and I are in for sure and hoping the experience will be just as great as the last. He is my best bud and I’m so glad we can work through hard times, it has all paid off!!


Mr. Mully was a Prospect Horse FOR SALE. He was purchased by Kristin in 2006 and now lives in Utah. Please click here to read their past success stories.