Muchu is a Superstar

Horses are a family affair for the Dixon family
“Shu” is the superstar of the barn….Patrick is starting to ride her almost exclusively now with me putting in some training rides to work on leg yielding and shoulder in stuff—things like that he isn’t up to yet—but when he is up she is working very very well for him….she will occasionally fuss up a bit and he figures out what she is saying to him about his hands being a bit stiff or whatever—he fixes it—she settles and they are right back at it….he is learning how to talk to her and have a conversation while they ride thru the reins and his seat…most important–he is learning to hear her…..I am incredibly proud of how the two of them are coming on….they both have the mischievous attitude—both love to argue—both are big hearted—they are super well matched.

Dad Chuck now has his own Thoroughbred mare (Great Game) to work with so Patrick can enjoy Muchu all for himself. Read more of Muchu’s Success Stories.