Nothing Special . . . Yeah Right!

Great Game at her breeder's farm

You know—just came back from working my girl……I am soooooo besotted with that horse……she didn’t do anything special today—had her moments of tenseness and pushiness and lack of willingness to listen….got herself thumped once in the isleway for her just pushing the envelope one final time to many, and she stood stock still thereafter..not in fear or anything but just my bullheaded girl. But—in the end she settled—went perfectly—and I mean spot on dead centered perfect to what I was asking her to do…and was just relaxed. The funny thing is—and I was thinking about this on the way back in from the stable—I want her to look good and hold her place admirably in with all those really really good horses you place….and I worry and don’t want to let her down by not doing stuff right and maybe mess her up and not justify the trust you and Dr Duffy put in me with her–but……… the end of the day—the single only thing that really really matters….is how much she and I are into each other…how much we give and do for each other and not at all about how long it takes or if she and I ever place first in classes….the only thing that matters really is the “thing” that she and I do every day and all the time…..we are just us—it is working out and I am just so happy being her partner…I have had some good horses and never had one like this girl—she is more like a dog than a horse. She really is my blessing—and if I were to never ride her she still would be….but I can see things that I am pretty sure she and I can do–in fact I just KNOW I can do —but if we don’t—the world won’t end… Shu is one of a kind…I can never say enough good things about her—and I still covet the options she gives Patrick in his riding…she has a wonderful personality and work ethic–so trustworthy —but Game—that girl is just different…she is part of me—not really just a horse but something different. Sometimes the tendency is to measure yourself against what and how others are doing or to worry about how things might look or whatever—but when I come back in on days like today…..the world just goes away while she and I are working—things work–she and I are “right” together…..there really is nothing better for a horseman to have and be with a horse….and that’s what I have….no matter how it works out long term—she and I are perfect together. I sure wish there was some adequate way to convey the depth of how much that one singular union means to me personally—-even tho am sure you have gotten some sense of how nuts it can make me worrying about maybe messing it up somehow–life is so very very good with our girls….anyway…like I said—just rambling—sorry for taking up your time with really nothing special to say at all….just like trying to pass it on just a bit to someone I think understands how really positive everything you have done for us really is. Thanks a billion….later—Chuck