OTTB Vicky Vicky Vicky Makes a Great Teacher

I asked my friend Mags to write something about Vicky. She is so special to me and it is a joy to share her with Mags. Mags has helped us immensely in our time of need. I asked Mags to ride Vicky when I became injured and since have not been able to ride. I am so proud of Vicky and Mags for having the courage to trust our precious OTTB Vicky Vicky Vicky. It is a joy to watch her confidence increase and learn so much from each other.

Thank you for updating Vicky’s page!!
in peace,

Timid rider feels safe on an off-the-track Thoroughbred.

This horse has such a great work ethic, which was obvious from the first ride on her. Click on the image to see more photos of OTTB Vicky Vicky Vicky.

Robin and Debbie have given me the opportunity to enjoy this lovely horse that has come into their lives, such a blessing for me.

I have been riding Vicky since January and at first was quite concerned, bringing my own baggage to her, wondering how I would fare on this OTTB. This horse has such a great work ethic, which was obvious from the first ride on her. I was quite timid and if the weather was against me, ie windy, I would just walk her. Encouraged by her owners I transitioned to trotting with glee and then canter. The first canter to the right was wonderful, not very long, but to the left she kept going and going, I get tense in the reins and so she is like the energizer bunny and will just carry on until I give the correct aid to transition, there is nothing scary about it, except what I have in my own mind which I am slowly letting go of with this mare’s help and releasing the reins, thank goodness !

I have my confidence issues with my own horse, too long to go into really but with this mare’s help I am slowly learning how to help myself and my horse overcome these confidence issues.

Vicky is a gem, I enjoy her immensely and am gaining the confidence which I need so much. I am extremely fortunate to have this mare come into my life.

I ride her once a week, twice if I can, every ride is enjoyable, I am learning so much and look forward to riding her in the Stephany Fish clinic that is coming up soon.

Margaret (Mags) Ashworth