Hey Dude – Don’t I Know You from Somewhere?

""Bubba" and Apache Brave enjoy an OTTB reunion and catch up on the track gossip. "Apache" was the pony horse for both "Bubba" and Hollywood Vic."

I am amazed at the intelligence of Thoroughbreds and in particular, my little Bubba (Lynn’s Vision). We went to the ring to ride and there was a spotted horse trotting around at the far end. Bubba couldn’t take his eyes off this horse. He kept angling to get closer and twisting to keep his eye on this fancy fella.

Then Elizabeth came over and said “Hey Bubba remembers Apache!”

I asked “Why would Bubba remember Apache? Were they in the pasture together today?”

Elizabeth laughed and said “No, Apache was Bubba’s lead pony at the track. He remembers him from the track!”

I almost fell over. Bubba hasn’t raced since early last summer. He sees horses all the time and hasn’t been as obssesively interested in anyone else. But by golly, Elizabeth was right. He remembered Apache and the security he afforded Bubba at the track as his lead pony. Wow!

–Melanie (“Bubba’s” Mom”)

Horses, and especially Thoroughbreds, attach themselves to their special friends whether human or horse. I have experienced the heartbreaking screams of horses left behind as the trailer with their special buddy leaves the farm. It was a joy to see Bubba and Hollywood Vic both recognize Apache Brave who was their pony horse at the track. “Apache” was their rock when they were young colts going to the track for the first time. Even after almost a year apart, both horses recognized their faithful companion. — Elizabeth