OTTB Vilas County – Building a Strong Bond

Vilas (Vilas County) is doing great. I’m planning on showing him the end of May at the Poplar Place Schooling Show in a few Jumper classes. He really loves Jumping, but still has to improve his technique. He is very bold to the fences and there’s nothing that could scare him – he jumps everything – which makes it so much easier.

My long-term plan is to show him in the jumpers. I think he’s to good to “waste” him for the Eventing. And also since I’m more a show jumper than an Eventer, I would love to go back to the Show jumper circuit. So, I’m putting a lot of hopes into him…and hopefully it will work out…

He has gotten so mature over the last few months…I definitely have to send you some new pictures. He also finally gained some weight around his rips and hips…he just looks fantastic. Everywhere I go, the people tell me how nice he looks and how they admire him. Which makes me really proud.

In the meantime he became the leader of my little herd (my other two horses – even so he is the youngest). He has such a strong personality – it’s unbelievable. He has to be the first to get in from the pasture. If he isn’t the first one who gets fed – he really get’s mad. But I also think that this is still a leftover from the racetrack. Every time I feed my horses he’s bouncing his feet against the stall door and is running circles in the stall. It got better over the time, but still isn’t gone completely.

He is testing me still almost everyday…there’s always a new idea from him that keeps us busy and laughing…but as soon as you sit on him…he is the most well behaved horse. Vilas is a horse where any kind of pressure is in the wrong spot…He can’t stand it…Everything has to happen with him agreeing to it…either on the ground or in the saddle…which is sometimes not that easy, but I think we are on our way…so here are really asked horse-whispering techniques…I think once I have him on my side completely it will be a great partnership…even so it is already a little bit.we bonded so much over the last few months.

The other day I was out on a trail ride with him and suddenly it started pouring down and a real thunderstorm came over. So I decided to gallop him home, around 2.5 miles.  He stayed with me…stride by stride…there was not even a try from him to run away or escape. He was listening to every word from me, which made me feel so secure and I think him too.

I was holding the reins with just one hand as I used my other hand to protect my chest – I think there was even some hail coming down – it was hurting so bad. Despite us being wet to our skin and Vilas shaking his head because of the heavy rain, we had a blast and a real feeling of FREEDOM. It was so cool…and I had so much fun with him…my little-big ex-racehorse.

Other than that I have some more great news: Klaus and I are expecting a baby in December. Yeahh!! The family is growing…

Because of this I decided to downsize and to sell one of my horses: Bismarck. He’s a 6-year-old TB/Cross (Anglo-Arabian) and is a great and very athletic Eventer. I know you have so many horses that need good homes, but if you know of anyone, who’s looking for a gorgeous, well behaved horse, which is ready to go and show, I would really appreciate if you could forward our contact info or webpage.

Thank you so much and I will keep you updated!!

Katharina & Vilas County