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Vilas County

Vilas County “Places” in the Jumper Class

Off-the-track Thoroughbred, Vilas County won 2nd place in the 2’6″ jumper class at the Poplar Place schooling show. He is now off the the Thoroughbred only horse show at the Virginia Horse Park in Lexington, Virginia.

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OTTB Vilas County – Building a Strong Bond

Vilas (Vilas County) is doing great. I’m planning on showing him the end of May at the Poplar Place Schooling Show in a few Jumper classes. He really loves Jumping, but still has to improve his technique. He is very bold to the fences and there’s nothing that could scare him – he jumps everything…

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Vilas County Schools His First X-Country Jumps!

Vilas County understood directly what the game was about and as more we jumped as more he wanted to do. At the end he was really paying attention to see where the next jump is. I had great control over him and he never wanted to rush before or after the jumps. We jumped most jumps out of trot as this gives him more confidence right now.

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Taking It Slow Pays Off . . .

That was around 3 weeks ago. We made quite some miles in the last few weeks. From my last email till now he improved a lot and I decided to give it a try and entered in the Poplar Place schooling show last weekend. And I can tell you he was great…I had entered us in a 2′ jumper class and the Intro A Dressage Test.

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