Vilas County Exhibits the “Fun” but “Not So Funny” Side of a Clever Thoroughbred

Vilas County is doing really great. I’m planning on taking him to his first x-country schooling next week and I hope to get some nice pictures or even a video.

I know he loves water as he starts to splash even in the tiniest puddle or even in the wash rack. He even puts his legs in the water bucket on the pasture. So I hope you doesn’t want to lay down in the water complex.

He makes me laugh almost every day. He really is a special boy and a real character. His stall doors open to both sides and they are secured with a latch (we don’t have bars so he’s able to reach over with his head and I actually like it better for the horses to communicate). But the other day I forgot to lock the front door two hours later one of my dogs started to bark and didn’t want to stop. I went outside to see what was going on and who was greeting me? Vilas! He exactly knows how to open his door and this was not the first time that this happened. He also opened my other horses stall door one time – not so funny anymore!

Then last week I came home after work, driving down the drive way and who was coming cantering towards me? Vilas! We have a xc-jump included in our pasture fence line and all the time we haven’t had any problems, but just till last week. So he decided that the grass was definitely greener on the other side and just jumped over it. We have it now secured also. He is really so smart. Luckily he just gets out and is grazing and not acting silly…what a horse!

Katharina and Vilas County

Vilas County is by a stallion named Jump Start . . . I guess he lives up to his pedigree. See Vilas County’s photo gallery.