Our Girl is Working in 3rd Gear

Muchu and Chuck

Our girl is working in 3rd gear–started her out a couple of weeks ago with just a couple of easy transitions but nothing beyond taking her up and making sure she understood stopping and coming back down. Well……today she came out grumpy and restless…..coming off of a couple of days off—not really in a bad mood—just grumpy.

Patrick took her out to lounge warmup—I saw the glint in her eyes and the posture….and she was just dogging it around on the lounge—the ears half cocked….just half irritable. Patrick commented that she was looking really lazy and no energy today….and when I walked over to my wife she grinned and said”full of it today isn’t she?” I had to laugh…told her “the boy is going to get an education today.”. I went back out—couldn’t wait to get my hands on her….we were going to have some fun today…and she didn’t know it. took over the lounge from him…called her up to canter–once—–that girl squealed and farted and just took off running……had to laugh my tail off….she is such a baby.

My son was sitting on the side—hmmmmmmm. I let her loosen up a couple of times with the canter—just made sure she remembered to come back down when I asked…but that girl had fire in her eye, and just leaking energy out her ears. I took those lounge lines off and ran my stirrups down….Patrick comes in and holds her—“Dad you think this is a good idea today?”

My wife was sitting on the side saying the same thing—-and there wasn’t a force on the planet that could have kept me off that girl today……this was going to be our play day. I have spent a lot of time over the last 2 months making sure she understands that life isn’t about running anymore—it’s about manners and security and working with her people and trust and listening…..making sure she understands—no more racehorse……well today she was saying she actually liked running every so often…and she was a baby girl with energy and she wanted to play—and she was bored—she can be placid and take care of Patrick (my greenie), but every so often she wants to spread her wings a bit—and she is willing–and she takes care of us—-but sometimes…

Well today I got up—I couldn’t stop grinning just short of laughing….cause I knew….I put her to a bit of trot—sat back—she lowered her head–grumpily agreed to work—did some transitions–circles-change of rein…just plain boring stuff…..and then I asked her for canter. She perked up a bit—struck off on her lead cantered a large circle once and came back down to a good forward trot….cause she thought that is what I was going to ask for….’cept I didn’t….so we took about a half circle—did a change of rein….put her back and she slid up easy….nice forward canter—did one circle and started to drop back down again….and I just pushed forward with my seat once….she picked it right back up without breaking—ears came forward—-she was liking it—but she kept asking every time or two around if I wanted her to stop…..naaaaaaaaaaa…lets go baby girl. took her off the circle and stretched her out down the ring…..talk about a horse relaxing….the fire came up and she just went—balanced—listening—but she did love her 3rd gear.

I did ask her to come back down….and the trot—-strong forward—lively—the changes—maybe not so smooth as when she focused….but she was sooooooooooo alive. and I was laughing—she and I were totally together….no race horse—no issues—just her and me enjoying a bit of freedom. So we did it again…well several more times actually—didn’t have to ask twice….was like riding a live wire with all that electricity going thru her. Gawd what a ride…she and I just played—was like splashing around in a pool instead of doing laps…and she was so together and responsive.

We did come back and do a bit more rated work after—and she was doing lengthenings and rounding up and just going….it was so rewarding to make her day and share it with her—she has given us sooooooooooo much in all of the things she does to keep us safe—and Patrick rides her—and her ground manners are impeccible…and she is soooooo young and full of herself…but she reins it in for her people….it was just great to join her in her world for a bit. I am positive we could dummy her down and make her probably even a respectable school horse—-but it truly isn’t her…..she is willing—-but I won’t ask that of her.

Patrick got an eye full of his little Muchu today….lol….he took a bit of a step back when I showed him what she really was….he isn’t jumping at the chance tomorrow to leap on her and do what I did with her today….and that is good—he needs to know his limits and what she is….and I have no intention of training anything but a fire breathing diva…..I just don’t think she realized it. She is truly magnificent…I have been waiting for the day when I could start to let her out again and have her understand the difference between race horse and riding horse…..to let her breathe just a bit of her fire again…..now we start….and to tell you the truth…..it has been a very very long time since I have been able to share a horse’s world with them like this. It is always such a priviledge and an honor to be graced with the affection of a horse…esp one of her caliber. She was so happy when I got off she practically lifted me up rubbing after…(I know—BAD HABIT)….it was a very very very good day. All that AND Green Bay won again….lol. Talk to you later….Chuck