Parked Outside Antioch’s Stall


Ex-race horse, Antioch, meets his new mom Molly.

It has been a thrilling day! We spent the majority of our time parked outside Antioch’s stall sitting in lawn chairs. I feel like I have a newborn at home who I have to watch to see when they poop and drink and eat. He finally laid down for some rest this evening. He was exhausted. He has been eating and drinking.

I have to tell you that I have been met with some criticism from friends and “horsey” people on my decision to buy him. People are concerned he is going to become “hot” and crazy once he is healthy again. I feel like we are doing the right thing, and I plan to take it very slowly when it comes to my daughter riding him to be sure she is safe. I have encouraged these people to check out your website, but as always it seems they are willing to give their opinions but not really look into the details. Do you have any words of encouragement or wisdom to share?

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