Positive Outcome to Anticipated “Irish Challenge”

Well it’s been a week and we “found” Irish hidden beneath his stubborn façade. My trainer rode him and I rode him a couple of times and finally yesterday we got a break through! He tested us pretty good, BUT he couldn’t stand us persistently asking him “to listen”, and finally we saw the “schoolmaster” that we knew he was! It was beautiful! Even his “eye” changed. The first couple of days he had a “hard” eye and yesterday and today his eye was so soft and relaxed.

I rode him today in a lesson to see if he remembered what my trainer achieved yesterday. He did! While untacking him, I had this feeling come over me that was like a chill, he’s trusting me and I him. We connected in a way I have never connected with a horse before. This IS a special horse and fate brought him to me.

We are going to continue for the next three weeks doing exactly what we did this last week. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful trainer to work with! The spooking happened a couple of times, but when he is on the aids and in front of my leg, there is absolutely no spooking at all. I will keep you updated. I think we will jump the end of next week.

Enjoy your weekend and know Irish is in good hands!