Putting the Pieces Together


I wish I could go to Rolex. Irish and I have decided to spend one more month training before we show. I’d rather him be 100% confident and so I’m taking it slow with him. He has learned so much and I am just now working on putting all the pieces together. The trainer here loves how brilliant he is and is supporting us with a slow and steady program. I also don’t want to spend the money to go show when he’s not ready. I do know there is a small A show in June were going to try to make and we plan on attending a jumper rally in Aiken. I’ll keep you updated on the showing –  slow and steady is my theory with him.

I will be here at GSU next year and this summer working on the pre-vet program. I’m looking at a few schools for vet but still have some time.

Have fun at Rolex.

Meg and I-man