Ready to Show, Ready to Go!


Christian's Hope aka "Bobby" is ready to show and ready for sale.

Hi Elizabeth — It’s been awhile since I’ve sent you an update on Christian’s Hope aka “Bobby”, and since he’s in a schooling trial/combined test this weekend, I thought this would be a good time to report in.

He is doing well, and in fact has a new trainer, Taylor Schaepe. Taylor is an experienced event rider, and she and Bobby have really hit it off. When she goes to the pasture to catch Bobby for their daily rides, he comes to her, something he has rarely done for anyone else. In fact, he went through a time when he was very difficult to catch. His willingness to come to Taylor tells us that he enjoys rather than dreads their time together, and Taylor says the feeling is mutual.

His training has advanced well since Taylor took him on last November, and as a result “Bobby” will be in a schooling show/combined test this Saturday, February 14 at Poplar Place. Taylor took one of our other horses to 2nd place in a Novice Horse division of 13 horses last weekend, so we are looking for big things from Bobby at the schooling show!

After taking Bobby off the market pending Taylor’s getting to know him a bit, we feel he is ready to be considered by the right rider, so have placed him back on the market. His training and entries in competitions will continue until the right rider and home come along for him, and hopefully his competition record will reflect his obvious talent.

Christian's Hope aka Bobby is for sale at Summerwind Farm in Newnan, GA.

Christian's Hope aka Bobby is for sale at Summerwind Farm in Newnan, GA.

We continue to enjoy his fun personality — every young girl who visits the farm focuses on him and his “cuteness” first. For myself, he makes me laugh frequently, and I enjoy watching him having a good time in the pasture or rolling in the ponds — he is in fact a “mudder” !

I hope all is well with you and everyone at Bits & Bytes. Come down to the schooling show if you get a chance, or to the point-to-point races at Bear Creek Farm in Moreland on Saturday, Feb. 21.

All the best,
John Parker

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