Third Time’s A. Charm

Absolute Charm - OTTB

We have had a lot of people wondering just who got our special girl – Absolute Charm.

Let me give a little background to her story first.

Absolute Charm’s new family has had a rough few years. The mother was diagnosed with a terminal neurological disease with no cure. Her husband is a critical care nurse and he searched for every possible solution or possible cause for her condition. The mother grew weaker and weaker until she needed two canes just to walk and she spent most of her time in bed.

In trying to relieve some of the family’s stress, the then 13 year old son took up riding dressage at a local stable. . .

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Becoming the Herd Leader

Taxi learns who is in charge. When horses first arrive, you tend to want to love on them and let them get away with things. In reality this is the most important time of all. You need to establish the “herd order”. You need to let the new horse know you are in charge and that the horse is not the leader – you are!

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Punch is a Knock Out!

We rode him for the first time the third day he was here and he was great! He’s very calm about everything and we walked and trotted around for a while. Yesterday he went on his first trail ride with our other gelding around our property and he really enjoyed it.

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Spreading the Word About OTTBS

Just wanted to send an update of my OTTB talk with the kindergarten class. First, I just have to say that kids are a great audience! They really soak it all in. Noah and I brought pictures of Kwinn (Dr. Kenny Winn) and I managed (with tech assistance) to show the kids your website (including the success stories). I had printed out Noah’s story from the mission page and printed out a picture of Kwinn (prospect page) as a handout for the kids. They really loved that! Noah was so proud to hand his story out to his friends!

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NEW & IMPROVED Success Stories Web Site

Check out our NEW and IMPROVED Success Stories site. We needed a new site just to put up all the Success Stories. You will now be able to search the horses’ names, date of sale, date of posting, tags (topics) or by any combinations of words using our new FIND box. The newest Success Stories…

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