Spreading the Word About OTTBS

Dr. Kenny Winn trades a racing career for a family career. Click on this photo to go to his photo gallery.

Just wanted to send an update of my OTTB talk with the kindergarten class. First, I just have to say that kids are a great audience! They really soak it all in. Noah and I brought pictures of Kwinn ( Dr. Kenny Winn) and I managed (with tech assistance) to show the kids your websites (including the success stories). I had printed out Noah’s story from the mission page and printed out a picture of Kwinn (prospect page) as a handout for the kids. They really loved that! Noah was so proud to hand his story out to his friends!

Since the kids already knew I had horses most of my life, we started with a brief story about my growing up with horses and my days of riding show horses. Then I talked about how I always wanted to get another horse someday but never found the right time. ‘That was, until a famous race horse got hurt and went to a special horse hospital so he could have special care to try and help him.’ Noah then showed them a picture of Barbaro that I had saved from a magazine clipping of the story. I then told them that because of that special race horse, I decided that I wanted to help by giving one a forever home. And that to help me in my search, I found some special people who work hard to help race horses find new people to love them and help them learn new horse ‘jobs’. Fortunately the technology worked at the right time and we showed them your website. They loved seeing pictures of Bits & Bytes Farm and all the horses. Wish you could have heard all the laughter when I showed them the horses dressed up in costumes!

Because of Noah’s story, they understood that horses can and do get hurt badly and sometimes worse because of racing injuries. Most of the things that they asked were how big is Kwinn, does he like to run a lot, how much does he eat, does he bite….things like that. Noah proudly announced that both he and Josh ride Kwinn and feed him carrots and that Kwinn’s favorite thing to do is roll in the mud and get really, really dirty! It was fun for all of us. Josh now wants me to come to his class, but wants me to bring Kwinn to school and give all the kids rides!

Maybe one day, one of these kids will grow up and own an OTTB!

All best,

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