Taken’s Chances’ New Mom Checks In!

Taken Chances was a 2007 Prospect Horse For Sale who was resold in July 2008 to Laura Boineau.

My name is Laura Boineau and I have recently purchased Taken Chances from Lea Mueller. He is doing great. Chance has a great personality and attitude. I know that Lea had trouble getting and keeping weight on him, so I have been treating him for ulcers. His appetite is great now and he is easily gaining weight. I have also had Joy Baker, DVM, who does chiropractic and acupuncture, out. She has worked on him once and given us exercises to do. He already is moving better, more freely in his back and hips. Chance is going to make a great event horse, I am so pleased with him. I’ll be in touch soon and will try and send some pictures.

Elizabeth’s Note: We love to hear from new owners of horses we have sold. We will always help any owner of a horse (first time owner or later owner) we placed by offering advice or helping to resell if the circumstances require a new home for the horse. We encourage each buyer to keep up with the Success Stories for the horse. This lets the original breeder, owner or trainer know the horse is OK and has not gone to auction. It also adds value to the horse in the case of resale. A horse with a verifiable history is worth more than a horse with no background.