The “A” Team – Camo Carrot Caper

Once more we’re having a very beautiful day outside, before our crazy weather coming tomorrow…so I took Aly on a really long walk this morning, while the people that were working on my dad’s shop hoist moved their forklift, because Tucks St. Aly is still kind of scared when they rev it very high. He was a superb boy; he’s hardly even antsy now when we go around the little block around our house, even with the pony there. Then we spent lots of time in our yard, which he always loves, eating down the dandelions and rye grass and…….getting a few carrots handed to him after he put his head through my mom’s office window and said good morning to her! (also he was trying to charm her up and put in a good word for Play :p ) Anyway, I just can’t believe how relaxed he is in our yard now, he really really loves grazing in it and when we get our front gates up in our drive way, I know he’ll really love being able to be loose in it.

Also, yesterday, when I rode, he wore his snazzy fly mask that you gave us 🙂 so of course, I had to take pictures…he was afraid from my outburst of laughter/delight that I was making fun of him apparently..but I assured him he was very handsome :p..hope y’all enjoy the pics!

We still miss you lots!
The A-Team