TK’s Turn Turns Up For Dinner

TK Checks out the feed room for dinner

TK turns up at the feed room at dinner time.

TK (TK’s Turn) is such a character – he figured out that my appearance often means dinner or at least treats, so he comes right up to check. He sticks his head through the tack room window while I’m getting dinner ready. He gets along great with Cor (Cortableau) and Tilla (my Appy mare who likes everyone), and he’s fine with Icy (Icy Event), who he can boss around. Poor Icy is still the bottom of the totem pole. TK’s code name is Dicey, since he is almost his double though much bigger, and we have to have a way to refer to him for those who still haven’t realized that we actually do have 13 horses now!

TK's Turn and Icy Event are very similarTK has settled in great.  I started him out with my Oldenburg mare,  then added the Appy mare who loves everyone,  then Cor and Icy and finally did the big meet and greet last weekend.  There were a couple of arched necks and snorts and some running around,  then back to the business of grazing.  TK gets along fine with everyone and is not the bottom of the heap anymore!  That honor still belongs to Icy – poor baby.

Cortableau & TK's Turn

Cortableau was a 2009 Prospect Horse who was purchased by Dr. Laura.

TK and Cor hang out together a lot,  and so do he and Icy.  The two of them are almost mirror images though TK is about a hand taller.  From a distance,  especially if they’re not right next to each other,  you could easily mistake one for the other (smile).  I’ve only ridden TK twice so far,  once each Western and English,  and he is so sweet and so fun to ride.  He goes on the bit and has a huge overstride at the walk,  a nice big trot and canters fine.  Interestingly,  he tends to get the right (as in not left) lead,  so that’s sort of different.  I’m taking him to Red Horse this Saturday,  so we’ll see what happens!  Leslie is taking Coin Maker,  so I can get some pictures of two B & B treasures.

Thank you AGAIN for helping me get another great horse (and for lifting the ban keeping me off the web site)!

Laura,  Dudley,  Pooky,  Coin,  Cor,  TK and Icy


Ummm,  don’t be looking for TK to reappear up there (at Bits & Bytes Farm).  I rode him yesterday,  and he was fabulous – went on the bit,  cantered nicely,  big trot,  huge overstride at the walk,  yada,  yada,  yada…  He really does look so much like Icy that even I have to look twice when they’re out in the pasture – sorry,  y’all.  Have a great day!
Cortableau and TK's Turn hang out together in the pasture