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Icy Event

TK’s Turn Turns Up For Dinner

TK (TK’s Turn) is such a character – he figured out that my appearance often means dinner or at least treats, so he comes right up to check. He sticks his head through the tack room window while I’m getting dinner ready. He gets along great with Cor (Cortableau) and Tilla (my Appy mare who…

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First Ride on Icy went Very Very Nicey

                              Just wanted to let you know that Georgia had her first ride on Icy last Friday. She had not ridden in a while because of the situation with her previous horses, so she was a little nervous. He was so…

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Breaking the “Icy” with Mares is Tough

Another story for you…Icy is getting along fine and does well with Coin, Dudley and the Appys. I think there is a consortium of mares (led by Leslie’s big chestnut Thoroughbred) to keep him from really getting into the herd yet. I found him down in the stall (our barn has a section of wash…

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Pulling Shoes No Biggie for “Icy”

Just wanted to brag about Icy again. Yesterday we did a little round pen stuff, and he was very calm. I also pulled one of his front shoes since he lost the other one in the pasture. It takes me a lot longer to pull a shoe than it does for the farrier to do…

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