Just wanted to brag about Icy again. Yesterday we did a little round pen stuff, and he was very calm. I also pulled one of his front shoes since he lost the other one in the pasture. It takes me a lot longer to pull a shoe than it does for the farrier to do it, and he just stood there very patiently. I also did the Reducine and put sugar/iodine (not water!) on a couple of little scrapes. He didn’t bat an eye at anything and didn’t fidget or worry at all. I can’t believe what was going to happen to him (had he not found a new home) – he’s obviously a great horse.

Elizabeth’s Note: An old horseman’s trick to treat a wound is to make a paste of sugar and iodine. It will harden and protect the wound. Disclaimer: we are not vets and you should consult your vet before giving any treatment for a serious injury.