To All My Wonderful Friends at Bits & Bytes Farm

Alex celebrated her 18th birthday at Bits & Bytes Farm.

I just wanted to write and say how extremely happy all you guys have helped to make me since I have been here visiting and Aly of course since the whole time he has been here. We both owe all y’all much more than you know. It has been so uplifting and cheering to see all you good people and how much you care about truly good things, and about each other! It might not seem so rare, but let me tell you, it is a precious thing to experience and see and something I will look forward to coming back to.

Tucks St. Aly and Alex share the same birthday.

I have had a great two weeks here and really enjoyed meeting and talking to all of y’all but yesterday, when I saw all the birthday wishes everyone sent Aly and I, I was really, truly touched by all the care that I can tell people have for each other; and how amazing it is that God would use the animals that we love so much to bring us all together in such a way. I can’t thank everyone enough for all the help they have put into B&B and the horses here, because everyone has contributed in some way to making a possible place in such a way that I was able to find my boy.

Of course I can’t ever thank Elizabeth and Barry enough, I felt totally home here after the first day and learned so much more than I can even say in a million success stories; I hope they are repaid by the joy of seeing Aly and I progressing together in my stories and pictures, and hopefully before long by another visit ( who can stay away long from the Bits & Bytes Bed and Breadfast!)

Alex and Tucks St. Aly flying high after two weeks together.

"How old is that in dog years?" - Miss Sydney and Alex celebrate Alex's birthday.

Also in the success story line of things…the last two days have been phenomenal in that Aly and I have been doing our first jumps. I have ridden quite a few horses that had a great capacity to jump, but just some liked it OK, and only a few truly LOVED it. Aly is one of those few. Not only do I feel his powerful muscles give 100% to the jump, but I can feel that from his soul, he’s going yehhhhhhhh this is the life –when he jumps. Of course the mishap today isn’t the greatest thing to relate, but as I said in the story of Aly’s birth, great things don’t come without some hardship. Now I’ll just take it a tad slower, and keep my heels lower in the stirrups and try like the dickens to stick on that boy. It feels like he’s jumping the Eiffel tower when he’s going over a 1 and a half foot jump for heavens sakes – no lack of get up and go in this boy.

I am going to miss you all so, so much, but I promise that I will keep everyone updated and I’ll be back soon.

“Soon I shall go to sleep in hopes of seeing him again. His intelligent soft eyes, his elegant head. His soft heart, and his four legs. For my horse is a dream, a dream of the making” -Lindsay Turcotte.

This used to be one of my favorite quotes; but I’m afraid it almost doesn’t apply anymore, because you dear people have made that beautiful creature I dreamed of, no longer a dream.

Thanks does not say anywhere near enough,

Love always,

Alex and Aly