Tucks St. Aly Has a New Companion


Tucks St. Aly enjoys his green pastures with his goats as companions.

Aly is grazing so much of the daytime now, he seems really really confident and happy.  When I finish feeding him, he’ll go and stand at the gate of his paddock and look at the pasture; the other day he had been doing that for a second, and I told him he had to finish the last bit in his feed bucket before he went out. I worked a bit in the shop and then heard him whinny a bit. I rolled my eyes and thought the little goose was still determined on being out before he finished, so I went and looked, nope his bucket was polished and he was 100% relaxed. He was totally telling me that it was time for him to go out and graze!

Thoroughbred's Companion is a Goat!

The tiny baby goat was born probably a few feet from Tucks St. Aly this morning - she is quite a few inches shy of a foot tall.

Our goats are beginning to have babies again so they are separated in different pastures, so Aly has a pasture of goats above and below his two pastures and paddock and I think he quite likes it that way. His coat is absolutely shining, and he is finally filling out, though his weight is still up and down as he’s not totally cured of cantering the fence, compared to a month ago he is absolutely getting towards the filled out side!

I rode him on Friday and we did dressage tests several times and jumped a few times. I was really happy with how well he went into his canters on the bends in the test. He is definitely, of course, happier when he is working steadily, and I’m going to start riding him every other day if the weather and energy is OK. If all goes well, we’re going to ride at the barn in Midland this coming weekend, just schooling in the arena with a few friends for a bit, and giving him a little outing before we go to a small show.

I’m going to pull and trim his mane a bit before, and with how healthy and robust he looks I can’t wait to see the impression he makes. After our ride in the fenced area on Friday, we went first riding and then walking around the small block around our house and neighbours; I can say 100% positively that he has never seemed so calm and totally at home as then, with two trucks passing us within about 10 feet, he had the most relaxed expression ever on his face and in his general attitude.

I’m attaching a few pics of Aly, hopefully I’ll have more of us riding this afternoon. I’m also sending a picture of what I think might be the smallest pasture mate ever to be seen with a B&B farm sold horse. (The tiny baby goat was born probably a few feet from Aly this morning, she is quite a few inches shy of a foot tall.)

Hope y’all are taking care!
The A-team.